One single interface assuming all the functionalities of upper air measurement from the data collection and analysis to the messages generation and dissemination (WMO and military). The operation is more intuitive and the procedure has been designed with strong guidelines to reduce possibilities of error.


Webeoscan is a webpage allowing a remote access to a sounding station via tablet, smartphone and PC. It allows to:

• Follow a sounding remotely

• Reopen a sounding

• Download a sounding

• Display the state of the station

Follow your sounding in real time. After automatic detection of the launch, Eoscan will display the PTU and wind graph.
Humidity, Temperature and Wind velocity / direction graphics can be displayed depending on the altitude, time or pressure.


Follow the state of your radiosonde in real time using 5 differents display.

View the performances and significants points of your sounding, as well as the WMO and military messages in real time.

Eoscan works with Ozone and LOAC software