M10 Radiosonde

General description:

A radiosonde is a meteorological instrument which, launched under a balloon, measures parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity and wind (direction, velocity) in the atmosphere and transmits data to the ground.

The M10 is operated numerous National Meteorological Services for their upper air station network, in the world (more than 120 systems in almost 60 countries).
The M10 allows to transmit PTU (Pressure, Temperature, Humidity) and wind data (speed and direction) in real time by radio telemetry. The data are collected then processed and analysed by our software suite allowing the automatic generation and transmission of WMO and Military Format messages.

Pressure is calculated from the GNSS (GPS and/or GLONASS) altitude (Concept introduced by Meteomodem). This WMO recognized and recommended method M10 through the 77 code. The M10 is currently in GRUAN certification, in cooperation with Météo France also committed for its Reunion Island and Trappes Sites.


Among its main features, the development of enhanced performances in Temperature and humidity measurement but also the protection for evaporation cooling effect (wet bubble), represent the most significant improvements the M10 radiosonde.
Automatic frequency setting through infrared communication link allowing to put the stoned in standby. Powered by alkaline batteries or lithium batteries depending of the customers’ preferences.

• Dimension : 95x95x88.5 mm
• 12 channels GNSS Board offering almost immediate initialization time and reliable coverage
• Light Weight : 150g (incl. batteries)
• Single electronic board design with low energy consumption allowing longer in-flight battery life
• Flexible radio antenna
• Altitude Reliable function of 30 km
• Battery life superior of 3h30 hours
• Authorization of launch directly indicated on the radiosonde
• Full compatibility with our Robotsonde system
• Pressure calculated from GNSS (GPS and/or GLONASS) altitude
• Three spare (analog) channels for additional sensors such as Ozonesonde


• Meteorological services : radiosounding –Upper Air measurement
• Military forces : meteorological and aeronautical information, ballistic tests
• Research : Laboratories, Research institutes, Universities