The automatic balloon launcher-Robotsonde is controlled by a specific and dedicated Software. This effective solution allows the automatic operation of the system. Different kinds and level of functionalities are available from the sonde preparation to the automatic release of the balloon train but also the inflation process, the rotation of the carousel…. The software handles the simple or advanced operation of the system but also some preventive and corrective maintenance tools. Different profiles and modes are available according to the task to be performed. The Robotsonde software is a simple and efficient solution enabling a reliable and safe operation of the automatic system with the management of errors and alarms (including hydrogen).

Software description

You can have access to:

• The Robotsonde state panel (visual information about the launch tube and the carrousel’s status)

• The state bar (flow -meter indication, wind speed and direction at ground, information about gas presence and the level of the storage)

• The Robotsonde control panel

• The nexte launch characteristics, time, module number, volume of the balloon

You can launch a radiosonde immediately or schedule a launch on a desired day and time. It is also possible to specify the balloon size.


• Monitor several Robotsonde systems at the same time remotely from a webpage (password protected)

• Get real time information on several Robotsonde systems status

• Download the sounding files

• Generate statistics of operation over a settable period

Eoscan and Robotsonde work together in order to facilitate the transmission and the creation of messages.